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Our mission is to provide information about the aging process , treatment options, and referral to long-term care and assisted living facilities in the greater West Suburban/Boston area. Maintaining the highest quality of life in the senior years is our foremost goal.

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 With Over 43 years in the field of geriatric/psychiatric care, Dr. Robert Ferrell has followed and cared for individuals and their families in providing a variety of supportive and behavioral intervention techniques that can prolong independent living, If a more supportive environment is needed, helping families and seniors  transition to long term care requires a full evaluation of the person’s capabilities and interests.

Physicians Who Care

We often hear from families conflicted in responding to health concerns: how  to intervene, when to step back and leave a senior alone and when to actively engage in the decision making process.The way forward often benefits from  meeting with one of our team to explore all options .


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